Birthday Boy! 

It’s my birthday so naturally invited on a super yacht, patted and adored by the owners.  
No, we’re not changing the boat for you tommy! He’s 8 yrs old today and grows more loveable and cantankerous with each passing day/month/year I don’t really know, you chose! Photo of him as an ugly guinea pig pup (2 days old). 
My very lovely aunt owns his dad, so the conversation was along the lines of “Eddies puppies have been born, let’s visit them” and next thing you know I’m holding this one begging the Boss, always pander to a mans ego – never fails .. but off track again, to let me have him. Knew nothing about Jack Russell’s and still don’t, hmm..Master tommy showed gumption, he was standing on his back legs chucking siblings out of the way to eat. Runt of the litter, selected for his “spirit”. Cocky little sod, hardly surprising he’s got a strong character! 
We’re about to go and anchor at Taromina, Sicily. We have friends there with 2 very loving Yorkies, now tommy tolerated them when he last saw them a couple of months ago (did I mention he’s not good with other dogs) I suspect it’s because they were very young, no idea what he’ll make of them now. More on how to handcraft a duct tape muzzle later.

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