Fender ball 1

If you haven’t got an inflatable gym ball use the big ball fender.  
20 Squat, nice and deep. When squatting down raise the ball above your head

16. Lunge on a step, 8 static left / 8 static right. Hold fender in front of you with straight arms rotate to bent leg
20. Crunch on the ball.

20. Bridge, resting on the ball lower bum for 10, hold then raise one leg then other lowering bum for 5 each side.

20. Bicycle, rotate from waist and make the movements slow!

20. Calf raise on a step, raise ball above your head. 

20. Russian twist.

12. Tricep dip on a step

20. Fender pass from arms to feet.

Repeat for 3 rounds.

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