Flavoured salt costs how much?

Sorry but I think it’s insane, adopt the motto of “someone made it so I can too” and you’ll save a bundle! Using flavoured salt also means you’re putting less sodium on your plate so that’s got to be good.

Flavour ideas I’ve made so far:

Blitz dried porcini mushrooms to a fine powder (this is good on it’s own sprinkled on meats, added to marinades).

Citrus salt: zest unwaxed lemons and oranges. Leave peel on baking parchment for a good 12 hrs to dry out. Blitz when dried if you want it very fine.

Chilli: deseed your chillis, slice and dry out for a good 12 hours. Blitz then dry out again.

Then the salt quantity is up to your taste, I use sea salt so throw a little into my processor. Add flavouring of choice and pulse to break the salt crystals up a little. 

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