Gypsy excitement

Awake early full of ideas and enthusiasm. Huge thanks to those who shared the link and left comments either here or feedback on Facebook. All taken onboard, pun unintentional.  So delighted you like it!

So explanations on some exercises and stick figure images (I can’t draw to save my life, this will be funny!)

Today’s recipe ideas are mostly salads (some warm ones), stuffed mushrooms and a few light suppers with Asian flavours. It’s suddenly getting hotter where we are, minimum effort tasty food is required. Need a few uncooked breakfast ideas too, cogs are turning. Suggestions?

Good news on the gypsy, we should have the correct one in our hands on Thursday. Off to Riposto Marina tomorrow morning, there’s an adjustment needed which the boat yard will do for us. Looking forward to playing with Williams buttons again, yes I name boat parts – doesn’t everyone?

Exploring a new town will be terrific not to mention waking to the view of Mount Etna, plus the ease of taking tommy for proper runs.  Where we currently are is a fair dinghy ride ashore so he’s full of energy.

Ooh also should be getting a camera on Thursday. I know my photos are pretty rubbish seeing as they’re taken on my iPad. Hopefully they’ll improve but I’m not making any promises!

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