Impellers, Big Fat Greek wedding terminology, who blinks first and other rambles.

So the Boss called for some assistance and over came an engineer who spoke less English than Captains Italian (didn’t know that was possible). He’d predicted hours to remove the water pump, engineer did it in 10 mins!  (Caption huh?!) 

 Minor drama over confusion of days of the week, manager said Thursday but meant domani, engineer turned up later the same afternoon with fixed part. Fitted back in which involves lifting the engine up, guess who got to assist??? Now running smoothly and belching water out projectile style, fantastic, also a very reasonable rate. 

This same expression was used whilst studying our Greek pilot book. So “my big fat Greek wedding” Now then the word may sound Italian but actually comes from the Greek (insert whatever you like really and add some mythology) pass the windex. I’ve no idea where we may end up but hey-ho that’s part of the adventure.

During the trip we fitted the satellite phone and also switched data cards/codes so we’d have internet. Both working well, so pleased we sorted all that out in Sicily 🙂 

So we were finally in the Ionian and anchored off a tiny island called Othonoi, lovely empty bay. Few bars etc ashore, very Shirley valentine. All of Greece is very well known for cats, this was no exception. Tommy had his first staring to see who’d budge first contest and the cats won.  Tried the local Corfu lager, a red one very tasty but must get the black next time as I have a feeling it’ll be great for cooking with.

Now en route to Corfu in search of hopefully another quiet bay, yes I know good,luck with that! 


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