Little Tips

If you have a cat or dog onboard, get one of these window wipers. Simply sweep across the wooden floors and all the shed hairs are in one place, easy them to vacuum or sweep into dustpan. Quick too although tommy hasn’t worked out how to use it yet..

My best friends in the cleaning department undoubtedly have to be baking powder and lemon juice – just make a paste and use a warm cloth. From effortless oven cleaning to degreasing counters, scrubbing floors and decks. Slightly abrasive but not harmful. (For decks I put baking powder in a bucket and add hot water, throw over decks and leave for a few mins then scrub away).

Essential Oils. Make your boat smell fantastic without forking out on room sprays. Just put a few drops on a warm clean damp cloth and run it over surfaces, cupboard doors etc. lovely! 

Or make yourself a shower scrub. Either salt or sugar, oil (olive, coconut your choice) and add essential oil until it smells right to you. Great foot scrub is peppermint oil, salt and oil. 

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