Not just a boat mascot

I’m sure the dog thinks that at times, definitely when meeting fellow cruisers for the first time in several years with no recognition but the others say “oh look it’s tommy”!  I bet there’s tons of woofs of agreement out there, we get it all the time right? 🙂

Ok, I’m assuming we all keep their vaccinations up to date but what research do you do to find out what additional treatment they may need to avoid creepy crawlie things and diseases in other countries? I’ve never found one search that covers what I’m looking for. If you have then add it here please, I’m sure many people would find it helpful so thank you!

Here’s a couple of shots of tommy boy “in action” so to speak.. He stayed on and I fell off??

Loves the dinghy so much he won’t get off even when it’s being hoisted…

Finally is an expert in checking weather and passage planning on the iPad

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