Roast Lamb or Goat with Anchovies

I know it sounds insane but trust me (and if you don’t then google endless recipes on the web). I tend to change the marinade depending on the season, it’s Summer so we’re all about lemons and herbs, works for us 🙂
More than enough for 2 hungry people with leftovers for lunchtime wraps (which I will make as soon as I can source tapioca flour again..)
1 small lamb or goat joint, I got a smallish leg about 1.2kg

Zest and juice of an unwaxed lemon

Generous glug of olive oil

2 cloves of grated garlic

Freshly ground black pepper

Couple of bay leaves


Anchovies, yes anchovies! Plus sliced garlic. (What the anchovies do is melt into the meat adding seasoning, not a fish taste).

Make some cuts in the meat, combine marinade ingredients in a non metallic bowl. Put meat in, rub marinade over, leave for at least 4 hours turning and coating whenever you remember.

When you’re ready to cook:
2 anchovy fillets and cut then in half. Poke a bit in the cuts and also some slices of fresh garlic.
How to cook is up to you. Fantastic on a BBQ or by oven. We likes ours quite rare so this joint won’t roast for more than an hour then the magic of leaving it to rest for a good 10 mins before carving.

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