Flying Cat, Prop Swop and a Clean Bottom. Awaiting Captains Rant, it’s going to be good!

Well it’s hoist day (gulp), doubt there’s any of us who enjoy watching our boat being lifted? Very necessary as the last time was over 2 years ago in La Linea, Spain. We’re at Cleopatra Marina in Preveza. 
A little tight getting into the spot to be lifted but, watching them lift a boat yesterday, we saw that the guys operating the machinery were very good. Obviously being a catamaran means we can’t just get lifted anywhere due to our beam so, yes if you’ve got a monohull, I’m sure there are cheaper places. 

We believe we’re carting a whole forest around with us based on how slow we’ve been going. Power wash, sand down and a couple of layers of anti foul will definitely make a big difference.
The Boss has decided to change the propellers back to the original ones. He’s not impressed with the folding props that are on right now, again let’s see what a difference that will make! 
The marina here is absolutely packed but oddly quiet, very pleasant. We came in late yesterday afternoon after anchoring at Petriti (definitely recommended) to finalise arrangements for today. Friendly people, lovely taverna serving delicious food. 
Ooh food! In our mezze selection we chose a dish called Spetzofai which was onions, lots of garlic tomatoes, spicy sausage and crumbly bits of feta. So good, planning to make that soon. Tommy liked it 🙂 

Right out on the hard, man operating the hoist was simply fantastic but loads more needs doing than originally thought. Parts will be here on Tuesday. We’re parked next to the security dogs who took an instant dislike to tommy! 


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