Gulf of Amvrakia, German Beach Towels! Vonitsa and the breathtaking Spartakhori

We both felt pretty tired and a tad stressed after our week on the hard for boat jobs so went in search of solitude. Yes, even in high season it’s possible here!  A quick grocery run then headed to the inland lagoon of Amvrakikos Kolpos.

Not a boat insight, nothing at all but endless miles of crystal clear water and amazing scenery.


There were, however two caravans on the beach and two sun loungers.  Believe it or not the caravans were German registered and I actually saw the occupants of one early in the morning putting their beach towels in place. Laugh? You bet we did 🙂

The main reason we ventured there was due to the high dolphin population, sorry to say they’d all gone on holiday elsewhere. Shame but didn’t detract from a very peaceful evening with a good meal eaten on the back deck and the strains of Clannad on the iPod. Blissful and again yes, I know how lucky we are 🙂

From there we sailed (hooray there was wind in the right direction for a change) to Vonitsa where we met up with friends from Marina di Ragusa. Drinks ashore, much laughter but left camera on the boat – doh..

And now we are in the very stunning bay of Spartakholi, tied on the pontoon just by Porto Spilia run by the brothers Panos and Babis. It’s a good deal, the mooring and electric are free. There’s a shower and toilets at the taverna. All they ask in return is that you eat there. So supper last night was beautifully cooked chicken souvlaki with grilled vegetables.  Can’t fault it! 

This morning we hiked up to the teeny village, got a few groceries and admired the incredible views.

Tomorrow we leave for Sivota to get the rest of the boat jobs done, in the water though so no stress! 

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