Holes! Alpha,beta,gamma,delta..oh the galley is closed! Poor tommy..

Love a challenge and Greek? Wow, it’s challenging for sure! This clip is helping me learn the alphabet: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k6gCaGEi3rA
As is writing it out but, I suspect, I’ll be carrying this bit of paper around for weeks..

The galley is closed until we get back in the water, at just after 7h it was already 28 degrees and 68% humidity so unless you want salad recipes I’m off duty. Actually forget that, even whisking dressing sounds like too much effort! That said I’ve got so much to make when relaunched, scones, cheese puffs, bread and more – all grain free thanks to the lovely health food shop in Preveza (bio store, near main supermarket). Lovely family run business with a good stock. They had tapioca flour, I wanted to kiss him!!

Launch is set for midday Wednesday, work to be done: change props, cutlass bearings, through hull fittings, anti fouling and other bits.  

So apologies to those who’ve asked me to make certain dishes, I’d love to but I’d melt in the process. Likewise the absence of training programmes, too hot to move! Being on the hard is no fun in this heat/humidity. I’ll do better next week. Just adding a photo to show Tommy’s dislike of the situation, being carried up and down the ladder.

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