Mega Marinated Pork Chop, Stuffed Courgette Rolls

Looks like a dinosaur chop, right? 

So two huge chops marinated in:

Lemon juice and grated zest

A generous splash of white wine

A glug of oil (I used avocado)

Chopped herbs (I used mint, oregano and parsley) 

A couple of cloves of garlic, smashed

Chops in, left for the whole day turning when I remembered..

Grilled to perfection over a high heat to brown nicely, turning half way through cooking and (please) rest for a few minutes so juices sort themselves out! Add the marinade to the pan and boil to reduce, makes a lush sauce.

Courgettes: sliced lengthways fairly thin. Griddle with a little oil for a couple of minutes until slightly charred. Put on kitchen paper. Make some mayo (or use shop bought if you like) flavour up with crushed garlic or a bit of chilli.

Make carrot and cucumber ribbons. Spread a little mayo on the courgette slices, add your veggie ribbons and roll up. Looks pretty, a little fiddly to do but well worth it!

Extra mayo drizzled on the plate, believe me it was delicious. 

If you make it please let me know what you thought or tweaked in your recipe, thank you 🙂 

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