The Ionian Islands continue to captivate me, here’s where we’ve spent the last week or two. The boat repairs are finished, hooray!

Boat repairs finished in Sivota, busy little holiday village. Lots of flotilla and bareboat companies but they’re pretty well managed. That said watching the Med mooring stunts is pure entertainment! 

On the boat repairs, flexible couplings on the engines. Then the gear box fell apart, again…..  Luckily I’d just chucked the lines ashore to our very helpful neighbour Mike when David realised he had no connection between the Port engine and propeller. There’s a technical term for that “him buggered up, finished”

Med mooring, yikes…. I thought we were anchoring, my only experience of dropping the anchor (2 boat lengths to the wall) then running back to throw the rigged lines ashore was years ago and on a little day rental boat – not our rather substantial catamaran. So deep breath and, yeah, it was fine. 

I know the photo isn’t the best quality but this nest is inside the very lovely Sivota Bakery, I spent ages watching the parents coming and going to feed their demanding offspring 🙂 Great food at the bakery, delicious burgers even if the waiter laughed when I asked for the cheeseburger with no bread.

I wouldn’t spend long there but it’s good for a day or so and you can get basic provisions.  The wall is free, there’s no pressure to eat at a specific taverna and the water is good quality and free! 

On to Fiskardho, we had planned to anchor in the bay just south of Fiskardho. It’s stunning! Couldn’t for various reasons, there were quite a few boats in and several people asked if we were planning to stay overnight. When I said yes they answered with put a lot of scope out, during the night they had a serious blow and everyone was dragging all over the place. So we decided not to anchor this time and instead go on the wall.  It was very busy, tight spot but all went well again. Happy days. Again no charge.

Too busy for my liking, some very expensive clothes and gift shops, and truly noisy at night. Next time definitely anchoring, there’s a cave with bats there and I can’t wait to see it.

Ay Eufimia, I love it here. Beautiful bay, sparkling clear blue water and I even saw a turtle swimming by the boat. The wall here is big, gets very crowded and they charge. We spent almost a week at anchor but last night went on the wall for water. Cost was 5 euro, electric also 5 euro, mooring fees for those considering it are a euro per metre plus tax and a surcharge for cats.

Good place for provisioning, especially the butchers. I can’t remember the last time I was so impressed with the quality. Reasonable too.  We will definitely return there, it’s not crowded and quiet during the evenings. Perfect!


Early evening there has been some activity, here are the folklore dancers and last night was a very good guitar performance by children. 

Currently en route to Zakynthos to collect one of the daughters.  Eek, I am so excited!!

Fair winds and happy sailing to you all 🙂  

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    Steve Cronin July 28, 2015 (7:41 am)

    We are about a day behind you it seems!

    We too witnessed the dancing and guitar playing in Ag Ef and we are still there having needed to do an emergency repair on our forward water tank. Poros today so that we can eat at the French/Geek restaurant O’Tsivas on the road above the supermarket – the food is so good there and then onwards and southwards with an intention of rounding the Pelep before heading back to our berth at Gouvia for an early lay-up in late September.

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      admin July 28, 2015 (10:15 am)

      Zakynthos awaiting arrival of daughter, Keri tomorrow then gently back north. Next season will start much sooner to explore more of these magical places! Happy sailing, it’s a good life 🙂

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