Asian Duck Breast, Sugar Snap Peas and Cauliflower Rice

Ever want to indulge in something delicious without much effort? I do all the time! We’re pretty exhausted after over four weeks non-stop of people on the boat, and an insane amount of miles covered, so tonight is all about comfort eating and relaxation 🙂

Delighted to buy duck breasts (frozen) from the local supermarket. My sauce is improvised as I’d usually use orange but we’d run out. Lemon worked perfectly as I’ve got delicious Indonesian ketjap manis for sweetness.

Here we go:

Gently fry half a diced onion with grated garlic, diced de seeded chilli, lemon zest, five spice powder and a cinnamon stick until softened. Erm the cinnamon stick won’t soften of course…
Add the lemon juice and a generous splash of ketjap manis (or light soy sauce and a tsp of honey) and about 50ml of water, reduce to make a sticky sauce. Pop the sauce in a bowl for later.

Slash the defrosted duck breasts then sprinkle with a little five spice powder and black pepper. Sear the breasts for roughly 4 mins either side and rest for a minute or two. This leaves the meat pink on the inside and gives the juices time to settle.

Steam the sugar snap peas for a couple of minutes, none of us like soggy veg do we?
Basic cauliflower rice, no need to add anything due to strong flavours with the duck.
Plate up, re heat sauce and drizzle over.

p.s. This works brilliantly with pork fillet (tenderloin) or chicken breast too 🙂

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