Crispy Tender Chicken Strips

Chicken breasts, marinated overnight in a simple Greek yoghurt, lemon and herb marinade. Coated in a yoghurt batter then dredged in flour, sesame seeds, seasoning and oven baked. Moist meets crunchy, leftovers would’ve been good! I could’ve called them goujons but it’s a bit pretentious considering how simple this is.  

Start off with good quality chicken breasts, none of that water injected rubbish :). Cut them into strips or chunks (but then reduce cooking time). Marinate for at least 3 hours in:

4 tblsp Greek yoghurt

50ml water

Salt, pepper, sweet paprika powder and the zest of 1 lemon.


2 lightly beaten eggs, 3 tblsp Greek yogurt, 2 tsp baking powder, juice of the lemon, salt, pepper, lots of ground oregano, more paprika powder (feel free to use hot powder if you like).


Here’s two options, both have a 2:1 ratio for flour / semolina or nuts. Both roughly 3 tblsp sesame seeds. Adding dried oregano, mint etc just packs more flavour in – use whatever you’ve got! 

For the grain eaters it’s a combination of flour, fine semolina, sesame seeds,herbs and seasoning.

For non grain eaters it’s a combination of tapioca/coconut flour, finely blitzed almonds, sesame seeds, herbs and seasoning.

Preheat your oven to 200.

Drain the chicken from marinade then prepare to get your hands really sticky…

Dip each piece in the batter, then in the crust mixture.  Place on a buttered baking tray in a single layer and cook for approximately 20 mins. I turned mine over half way through cooking.  Leave to rest for a couple of minutes.

Great lunch served with a simple Greek salad, olives and pickles 🙂 


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