Comfort Food Chicken Pie (effortless)!

So here’s the 2nd meal from my chicken. Prepared in minutes, baked for less than half an hour. I could get used to this type of cooking 🙂

Sauté onions with a small pack of bacon lardons.  Add some chopped mushrooms, a drained tin of sweetcorn and a small pack of frozen peas.


Shred some chicken and use some of the jellied stock.  Add to the pan, season to taste. 

Feel free to splash a little white wine in or chopped herbs (I just used a little water, it was tasty enough). Feeling indulgent? We were, so add some cream and simmer slightly.


I’m a cheat by the way, there’s no way I was going to distort this easy meal by taking time to make pastry…grab a roll of ready made puff pastry, pop over the filling and “scrunch” the corners to form a crust.  Beat an egg and glaze the pastry.  Bake at 200 degrees for about 25 minutes. Yummmmmm!  (Served 3 adults easily and cost next to nothing). 

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