Slow cooked Belly Pork with Asian flavours

A much underrated and cheap joint of meat, yes it’s fatty but that means you can cook for ages and skim the fat off yet it stays so moist and tender. Tons more belly pork recipes to come over the winter!

It takes just a few minutes to prepare then switch on the slow cooker and enjoy the really good aroma wafting away for best part of the day. (I’m a lazy cook so it seems..)

You’ll need 500g or more of belly pork to serve 2 people, it shrinks when cooked!

Just chop an onion, bash a few unpeeled cloves of garlic and make up a cup of chicken stock.

Mix to a paste  equal quantities of 1 tsp of ground cumin, chilli powder, cinnamon, black pepper and sea salt with 2 tsp of good honey and a splash of the stock to loosen.  Spread this over the pork.

Pop pork in the slow cooker (high) on top of the onions etc and leave it alone for a good 5 hours. Meat becomes meltingly tender!   

Remove pork from slow cooker to rest, bubble the juices away to thicken slightly.

Slice thickly, drizzle sauce over and serve with whatever you like. We had stir fried cauliflower rice (spring onions, tiny mushrooms, sugar snap peas and garden peas) yumm! 

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