Squidgy Chocolate & Almond Squares (Spartanites)

(The tin was full when I handed it to them…) 

Yummy indulgent treats with no refined sugar or grain. No, I’m not saying eat the whole batch in one go!  
Spartanites? Well unfortunately I’m leaving Malta this weekend so wanted to make a “thank you for having me) gift for the amazing Spartan crowd. (www.spartankettlebellsmalta.com). Best gym ever! Ok, food..

Melt 250g of butter with 200g of 70% dark chocolate.

In a separate bowl whisk 4 eggs together with a tablespoon of good honey and 60g of pure cocoa powder until thick and mousse like. 


Mix the melted butter/chocolate into the whisked egg etc, stir to combine thoroughly.

Add a cup of almond flour, fold in well.

Pour into a lined tin,  bake at 200 degrees for 25 – 30 mins. Cool completely in the tin before cutting in squares. Good as they are, you could serve warm with creme fraiche and berries for a simple but oh so lovely pudding? 


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