Cottage Pie with Cauliflower Purée top

For me cottage pie is like a warm hug, just wholesome comfort food at its best.  This is lighter and better for you plus upping vegetable intake, perfect! Don’t like cauliflower? Try parsnip and butternut squash purée instead.

Gently sweat diced vegetables: onions, carrots, leeks, celery, squash until softened. Use whatever veg you like in the quantities you want.

Brown 500g of ground minced meat, I used beef. Add a tblsp of tomato paste, 200ml of stock and about half a wine glass of red wine plus a couple of bay leaves and some black pepper.

On the hob simmer for about 30 minutes. In the slow cooker just leave it on high until you’re ready to add the topping.  If the gravy is too thin just boil for a couple of minutes to reduce.  Pour mixture into a oven dish and top with cauliflower purée. Bake at 190 degrees for half an hour.

Cauliflower purée:  break cauliflower into pieces and steam until just tender. Blitz to a purée adding either milk or a couple of tblsp of olive oil.  Add salt, pepper and grated nutmeg to taste. Spoon over the meat and vegetable mixture.

I’d love to know if you liked it? Thank you 🙂

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