Maple Syrup Glazed Chicken

This was delicious, apologies for the exceptionally retro style rice timbale…I watched a 70’s programme earlier, you might get a gateau next, oops! So marinade:


2 heaped tblsp maple syrup, 2 of fresh lemon juice, 1 of light soy sauce, knob of grated garlic,  3 cloves of grated garlic and some black pepper
marinate 2 trimmed chicken breasts for up to 3 hours. Take chicken out, don’t throw the marinade away please!
Sear the chicken off then wrap loosely in tinfoil parcels and bake for 15 mins on 180 degrees.  Rest before slicing.

Reduce the remaining marinade to make a sticky sauce.

Served ours with stir fried rice (spring onions, peppers, mushrooms) and wilted spinach. Very simple and tasty! 

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