Chicken Burgers

As with most things I post, the seasonings and added bits can be changed to suit whatever you fancy. I don’t think I ever truly make anything exactly as the last time. Actually before starting this blog I could never remember what I’d done before…

Into 500g of minced chicken breast I’ve added 1 very finely chopped spring onion, half a very finely diced red onion and a clove of grated garlic.  Then sweet paprika powder, dried oregano and a little salt and black pepper. 

Mix everything until completely combined, cover and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Shape into burgers or, if you’re as lucky as me, use a ridiculously cheap burger press. Don’t cook from chilled, shape the burgers 30 mins before cooking.  Mine are cooked in a griddle pan, cook for about 6 mins either side. Rest for a couple of minutes before tucking in. 

Ours will be served with chargrilled sweet potatoes and spring onions dressed in a herb vinagarette. 

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