Gala Meatloaf

Very simple to make and equally good for lunch with salad or for supper with perhaps grilled vegetables. Pickles and chutneys on the side and that’s it!

Ingredients: 3 hard boiled eggs. 700g minced beef or turkey. 1 finely diced spring onion. 1 medium sized carrot, grated. 1 clove of garlic. Salt, pepper, sweet paprika powder. Very finely chopped parsley.

Barbecue sauce to glaze, optional.

Pre-heat oven to 280 degrees. Butter a 1k capacity loaf tin.

Sauté the onion, carrot and garlic for a few minutes. In a large mixing bowl combine the all the ingredients, using your hands really mix everything together well. It needs to be pressed together, no air pockets!

Put a thick layer of the meat in the prepared tin. Place the whole hard boiled eggs in a row. Add the rest of the meat, pressing up the sides and making sure the eggs are covered tightly. If using barbecue sauce, spread a layer over the top.

Bake for 40 mins. Halfway through cooking check to see if there is a lot of liquid in the tin. If so, remove from the oven and carefully tip the liquid out.

Using 2 forks remove the meatloaf from the tin and cool,on a wire rack. 

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