Smokey Tuna Dip

I know, there’s tons of recipes for tuna dip but most are mushy and wet in my opinion.  I’ve been making it this way for years, texture is important in food!

Smoked paprika works beautifully however if you can get hold of a bottle of “liquid smoke” wow, takes food to a completely new dimension.

Main ingredients: A medium sized tin of tuna, drained. A small tin of sweetcorn, drained. 2 finely chopped spring onions. A few chopped caper berries or gherkins. About 4 tblsp of full fat cream cheese. A generous squeeze of lemon. A tblsp or 2 of ketchup or tomato paste. Ground black pepper. Hot smoked paprika powder to taste or 2 tsp of liquid smoke.

just combine everything together, don’t mash too much. Chill for a few minutes and munch happily away with vegetable sticks, crackers or bread.

Yes, I added a few chilli flakes! image

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