Lemon, Ginger & Mint Iced Tea

I can’t be alone in saying just drinking water (lots and lots as it’s so hot) is getting a bit boring. Quick, easy to make and it must be better than shop bought filled with various additives. If you’ve got a supply of herbal teas give this a whirl! For this I used lemon and ginger herbal infused teabags. 

To make 1 litre:

4 lemon & Ginger herbal teabags. The rind of 1 ripe lemon. A small handful of mint leaves. Juice of the lemon and a tbsp of Agave syrup (substitute honey or don’t sweeten at all if that suits your taste).

In a large jug place the teabags, lemon rind and mint leaves. Cover with 500ml boiling water. Leave to infuse until the water is tepid. 

Strain the liquid into a litre capacity bottle. Add the lemon juice and syrup or honey if using. Top up with cold water. Chill.
Orange variation.

4 Rooibos teabags. Rind of one ripe orange. Small cinnamon stick. Juice of the orange. Honey if wanted. (And follow exactly the same procedure as above). 

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