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Man Overboard Proceedures Someone asked me recently if I get scared when sailing. I answered no, not scared as such..twitched perhaps in new (to me) situations usually based on the "heck, can I do this properly" factor.  I have been in scary situations but not on our boat. Several years ago on a night watch mid Atlantic I was trying to alter course during a squall. My hand hit standby rather than the plus / minus buttons, ... – share your anchorages and more here!

What a terrific app! It's free and has lots of info plus you can enter places you've anchored to let others know what it's like. Cruisers helping cruisers, just how it should be! "Navily is completely free and allows sailors to share and rank their anchoring experience. This year we also added the possibility to reserve a berth in a harbour straight from the app. Moreover the content of the app is completely collaborative. Many harbours have already joined the adventure like Cannes, the ...

Clip the dinghy on….

Or this will happen, sorry not really a cruising tip but was certainly one for the Boss just now (can't stop laughing)   

Getting internet need not be a pantomime!

Before we left Sicily we contacted someone in Athens, all it took were a few details; an address and payment for a SIM card to be shipped to us along with codes (each code valid for 24 hrs of use). So far has worked a treat and best of all when we need more we just contact again and it's topped up. Happy to provide contact details for anyone interested, just drop me a line. Anchored in a beautiful empty bay, don't need to go rushing around to source wifi coverage - bliss! 

Toilet talk, sorry!

So we all know that boat loos smell right? Particularly the ones that aren't used very often. Why? Well its not the boys lack of directional control or not flushing properly but rather the algae in the sea water inlet pipe as it dies, this gives off sulphuric acid (smelly rotten egg gas smell) which causes the chrome to corrode on your taps as well. Anyhow I digress, banish stinky toilets with this easy remedy. Drop a slow dissolving chlorine tablet (like they use in spa baths) into the ...