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Cardio in a tiny boat space? Of course you can!

Very quick, brief post (like most of my dedicated cardio sessions) from the incredible Tee Major Fitness Add to your routine, hey if you live on a boat you've not got a shortage of lines!   Look up "Tee Major Fitness" for the best bodyweight exercise routines. Enjoy then take a relaxing swim :-) 

Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down

Motoring towards Riposto, a bit bored so time for a challenge :-)  Bring Sally Up.... I love this clip take the challenge for whatever exercise you feel like doing. Easy concept, follow the music :-). On "bring Sally up" you're in the highest position of the exercise and on "bring Sally down" the lowest. Some lyric prompts are fast, some slow and enjoy the burn waiting for the next prompt... Obvious choices full military push up, squat, ...

Kettlebell Training 2

Every minute on the minute. First exercise, complete reps and rest remainder of the time. Set the timer on your phone, watch or gym style timer. All Double bells, 5 rounds.  6 Suitcase dead lift, thrust back, push up on kettlebell  6 alternate lunge, 6 press. 6 row, 6 goblet squat  As many reps as possible in 5 mins. 8 Two handed swings 8 alternating snatch 8 halo

Suspension Training 2

3 rounds of: Legs 16 squat 16 sprinter 16 alternating lateral lunge 20 mountain climber Arms 16 alternating row 16 chest press 16 bicep curl 16 Tricep dip 16 alternating single arm row Core (feet in straps right..) 16 Spider-Man plank 16 Superman plank 12 Pendulum swing with oblique crunch  Mix exercises up however you see fit! 

Suspension Training 1

By far the easiest piece of equipment to have on a boat, I know tons of you who've got them. Good aren't they?! 3 rounds of: 10 squat and fly 10 sumo squat 10 bicep curl  10 Tricep extension 10 Pistol squat (5 left then 5 right) 10 overhead chest press 10 windmill (5 left then 5 right, interlock straps to create just 1) 10 pike with push up 10 oblique crunch

Fender ball 1

If you haven't got an inflatable gym ball use the big ball fender.   20 Squat, nice and deep. When squatting down raise the ball above your head 16. Lunge on a step, 8 static left / 8 static right. Hold fender in front of you with straight arms rotate to bent leg 20. Crunch on the ball. 20. Bridge, resting on the ball lower bum for 10, hold then raise one leg then other lowering bum for 5 each side. 20. Bicycle, rotate from waist and make the ...

Circuit Training 4

Circuits: breathe!!!! Inhale to prepare, exhale on exertion. Eg. squat, breathe in as you sink into squat and out as you propel yourself back to standing. Ok???  Reps. Exercise. 16. Sumo (wide leg) squat (you're sitting down straight not bending over!) 1 min. light skipping (with or without rope) 16. Lunge, alternate left right (keep that back straight!) 2 min. Power walk on the spot 12. Push ups (wide arms) 16. Squat with alternate front kick. 1 min. ...

Kettlebell Training 1

First of all I'm assuming if you've got a kettlebell you know how to exercise safely with it.  If you just like the idea of training with this insanely fantastic piece of kit please, please go and get some instruction by a qualified instructor first!  The Boss doesn't really like me swinging them on our fibreglass boat (fair point) so again for safety pop it in your dinghy, kayak or similar and go work out on the beach.  3 rounds of: 20 Two handed swing 20 Slingshot 20 High ...

Circuit Training 3

A total of 30 reps of each exercise, break down as required but aim to complete 3 circuits. Wide arm push up Mountain climbers Crunch Jumping jack Diamond push up Squat Oblique crunch

Circuit Training 2

3 rounds of: 20 Mountain climbers 10 Push up with row 20 Squat, slowly nice and deep 12 Narrow arm "Tricep" push up 20 alternating jumping lunge 20 Spider-Man plank 20 Superman plank 15 Burpees Static plank,