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Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down

Motoring towards Riposto, a bit bored so time for a challenge :-)  Bring Sally Up.... I love this clip take the challenge for whatever exercise you feel like doing. Easy concept, follow the music :-). On "bring Sally up" you're in the highest position of the exercise and on "bring Sally down" the lowest. Some lyric prompts are fast, some slow and enjoy the burn waiting for the next prompt... Obvious choices full military push up, squat, ...

Circuit Training 4

Circuits: breathe!!!! Inhale to prepare, exhale on exertion. Eg. squat, breathe in as you sink into squat and out as you propel yourself back to standing. Ok???  Reps. Exercise. 16. Sumo (wide leg) squat (you're sitting down straight not bending over!) 1 min. light skipping (with or without rope) 16. Lunge, alternate left right (keep that back straight!) 2 min. Power walk on the spot 12. Push ups (wide arms) 16. Squat with alternate front kick. 1 min. ...

Circuit Training 3

A total of 30 reps of each exercise, break down as required but aim to complete 3 circuits. Wide arm push up Mountain climbers Crunch Jumping jack Diamond push up Squat Oblique crunch

Circuit Training 2

3 rounds of: 20 Mountain climbers 10 Push up with row 20 Squat, slowly nice and deep 12 Narrow arm "Tricep" push up 20 alternating jumping lunge 20 Spider-Man plank 20 Superman plank 15 Burpees Static plank, 

Circuit Training 1

3 rounds of: 10 Push up thrusts 10 Squat thrusts 12 Tricep dips 10 single leg push ups (5 left then 5 right) 20 alternating lunge 12 diamond or narrow arm push ups 20 calf raise 20 plank rotation, alternating 20 v-sit 20 bicycle nice and slow