day : 24/06/2015 3 results

Clip the dinghy on….

Or this will happen, sorry not really a cruising tip but was certainly one for the Boss just now (can't stop laughing)   

Getting internet need not be a pantomime!

Before we left Sicily we contacted someone in Athens, all it took were a few details; an address and payment for a SIM card to be shipped to us along with codes (each code valid for 24 hrs of use). So far has worked a treat and best of all when we need more we just contact again and it's topped up. Happy to provide contact details for anyone interested, just drop me a line. Anchored in a beautiful empty bay, don't need to go rushing around to source wifi coverage - bliss! 

Impellers, Big Fat Greek wedding terminology, who blinks first and other rambles.

So the Boss called for some assistance and over came an engineer who spoke less English than Captains Italian (didn't know that was possible). He'd predicted hours to remove the water pump, engineer did it in 10 mins!  (Caption huh?!)   Minor drama over confusion of days of the week, manager said Thursday but meant domani, engineer turned up later the same afternoon with fixed part. Fitted back in which involves lifting the engine up, guess who got to assist??? Now running ...