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Meltingly tender Kleftico

Lemons, oregano, garlic and wine for a winning and oh so tender lamb dish. We are in Greece after all, yum!  Ingredients for 2 very hungry people (with left overs if you can hold back...debatable on our boat) 1 small lamb leg (mine was just over a kilo) 1 red onion, chunked 2 cloves of garlic, unpeeled and bashed Fresh oregano to taste and a couple of bay leaves 1/3 cup mild olive oil 1/3 cup white wine 2 tsp mild mustard Zest and juice of 1 large juicy lemon A little sea salt ...

How this journey started, do I miss anything? Heck, no!

Nigh on seven years ago we were living aboard in Wales. Lovely place to be sure but rains a lot. Our Summers, please take the word "summer" lightly, were spent in the very beautiful Cornwall and Devon. Rained a lot there too. So one fine damp day I returned from the market and asked the Boss why we were staying where we were. He couldn't come up with a good reason, plans were soon made for a getaway. Actually I need to go back a step, prior to moving on the boat I lived with a very young ...


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