Coconut Almond Pancakes

Definitely more like an American pancake but they don’t get little bubbles when cooking as you’re used to and take a little persuading to hold their shape in the beginning. Or perhaps I was just being impatient? Anyhow I poured my heaped spoonful in, waited until it started setting and then gently coaxed it into the shape I wanted with a spatula. Flip over when you’re ready and just a little more prodding to shape.
4 eggs

3 tbsp coconut flour

3 tbsp almond flour

4 tbsp full fat coconut milk

1 1/2 tsp honey

Pinch of salt.
Just blend all the ingredients together really well, no lumps please. Leave to stand for a few mins. Heat a little oil of your choice in a frying pan and dollop heaped spoonfuls in (please read notes under heading, you need space between them). Cook for a couple of minutes either side.
We had them with crispy fried Parma ham and a drizzle of maple syrup, breakfast of kings!

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