Roccella Ionica

Boat bits all in place, the windlass works (yipeeee) so we set off from Riposto marina at stupid o’clock. Luckily I was half awake so noticed that the Boss had only untied 2 lines, that would’ve been interesting! 

Dolphins, dolphins everywhere for the first few hours. All hunting and too far away to get decent photos but never fail to make me grin like an over excited toddler.

So I was bored and decided to do a quick workout, Turkish get ups and Russian twists – not for the faint hearted and definitely not on a monohull (engaging the core to the max) plus wouldn’t recommend going heavy in case dropping.
 The marina is lovely, staff are so friendly but had to laugh (people from marina di Ragusa will appreciate this) they said the office is far away, we take you by car. I replied with you’ve obviously never been to MdR! 

Within seconds of tying up tommy worked out how to get off and back on the boat, cocky bugger! 

Had planned to cook tonight but so tired, sea air does that to you. Paid marina fees, very reaonable, and ate at the marina restaurant. Lovely mixed grill with salad for me, Boss caved and ate a half metre pizza!!!!

We will stay here another night, the marina offer a free bicycle loan (wow!) so off to explore the village tomorrow. Did I mention that we live a charmed life? 

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