The Ionion is somewhere over there apparently….

Truly loved being in Roccella Marina, the free bicycle loan is genius (just leave a small contribution at the end of use for maintenance) and the cycle path is perfect all the way to the square. Poor tommy ran all the way there and back then promptly slept for the rest of the day, bless.. Excellent butcher, green grocers and other things that always make me smile 🙂 Pizza by the metre made the Boss smile.

Trip from there to Le Castella wasn’t much fun, to say the sea was confused is an understatement but the views were amazing.

   The entrance to the marina is very shallow, maximum 2 m so even we had to make sure we we careful. A rather nice looking racing boat came in with a thump earlier, they wiggled about and got unstuck after a few minutes. Le Castella is a very small village, people are very friendly. Very impressive castle, lovely little delis and they love spice here. Hoping to take photos of the castle by night later this evening.

Currently working on time saving, effortless galley recipes. Spice blends, rubs and marinades so all you have to do is spoon a bit onto meat, fish or veg and leave it until ready to cook. A galley isn’t very spacious, I’d rather have things ready than get umpteen bits out every time I want to cook.

We should be in Greek waters at the weekend, fingers crossed!

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