Water Aerobics

For stability buy one of those cheap “noodles” or use the horseshoe life device.
Easy warm up and cool down, either tread water (on warm up you may like to go a bit faster) or put your hands on your hips and make wide frog like hip rotations out then in. Feel free to make frog noises if it makes you happy!

For both circle your arms with full range of movement, again out then in.

Aim for 5 mins.
Here are just a few exercises you can do, I will add more as soon as the water warms up enough for me to get in! 

Aim for roughly 12 – 15 repetitions of each and complete whatever circuit you decide on 3 times.

Spider-Man climb. Stabilise upper body by making back and forward sweeping actions with your hands as you run your legs up and down the side of the wall (or hull).

Scissors. Hold onto the side, keeping legs straight simply make scissor actions. These can be straight up and down or sideways crossover. Alternate.

Punch and kick. Raise right knee and punch out with left hand, alternate.

Flutter kicks. Hold onto side (or landing ladder of course) raise legs behind you and make gentle then faster kicks.

Synchronised swimmer. Squat slightly, look over one shoulder, raise arms and leap to the same shoulder whilst extending opposite leg to the side. Return to centre and alternate. 

Morris dancing. Raise one bent leg to hip level, push down with other leg. Alternate and make it as fast as you wish.

Side step. A simple as that, imagine you’re jumping sideways on a railway track.

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