Tasty Pork Tenderloin Medallions

Cut the pork tenderloin into thick medallions. In a non metallic bowl mix together the following.

4 tblsp of Soy sauce, juice of one small orange, a couple of tblsp ketchup, good splash of Lea & Perrins, a tblsp of honey, a couple of tblsp of oil, grated garlic and ginger, some chilli flakes. Taste and adjust to suit you.

Marinate the pork for a good few hours. Remove pork, shake off excess sauce and grill for roughly 4 mins either side. Let the pork rest for a few minutes. Pour the remaining marinade into the pan and bubble to reduce.

I roasted some veg in spices and a little coconut oil to serve alongside. 

It’s really good and left overs work well in an Asian type salad.

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