Circuit Training 4

Circuits: breathe!!!! Inhale to prepare, exhale on exertion. Eg. squat, breathe in as you sink into squat and out as you propel yourself back to standing. Ok??? 
Reps. Exercise.
16. Sumo (wide leg) squat (you’re sitting down straight not bending over!)
1 min. light skipping (with or without rope)

16. Lunge, alternate left right (keep that back straight!)

2 min. Power walk on the spot

12. Push ups (wide arms)

16. Squat with alternate front kick.

1 min. side to side jump

16. Static Plank, the 16 refers to alternate leg raise (think level back,bum down!)

1 min. Light skip

16. Back extensions (gentle movement, no jerk of back)

Repeat for 3 rounds

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