Chocolate Coconut Bites

My first attempt, not very pretty but tasty? Oh yes! If I’d remembered to spread the paste on greaseproof paper they would’ve been far easier to remove.
100g coconut (desiccated or flour, I only had flour)

1 heaped soup spoon raw honey

3 heaped soup spoons coconut oil
Either blitz together in a food processor or beat frantically with a wooden spoon until a smooth light paste. Spread on greaseproof to desired thickness and chill until hard (roughly 30 mins).
Whilst that’s setting:
Gently melt 75g of dark chocolate and cool slightly.
Cut set coconut into squares and either dip in chocolate or just drop spoonfuls on top of each piece. Chill until chocolate is properly set.

Keep in the fridge, preferably padlocked…

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