How this journey started, do I miss anything? Heck, no!

Nigh on seven years ago we were living aboard in Wales. Lovely place to be sure but rains a lot. Our Summers, please take the word “summer” lightly, were spent in the very beautiful Cornwall and Devon. Rained a lot there too. So one fine damp day I returned from the market and asked the Boss why we were staying where we were. He couldn’t come up with a good reason, plans were soon made for a getaway.

Actually I need to go back a step, prior to moving on the boat I lived with a very young tommy in a modest 2 bed house. The decision made to move onto the boat I then had to start getting rid of things (and yes, they are only things!). Selling furniture and appliances was the easy part then came the “yikes, do I really have this much stuff?” It took me about 6 weeks of sorting room by room, giving clothes; shoes; kitchen equipment that I deemed too big for Elle ‘Ar; countless books, ornaments you name it. When I’d finished my entire life of possessions fitted into a jeep, ok we had to wind the back windows down and throw things in but it fitted.

Once on the boat we took all the pots, pans, cutlery etc out and compared it to see whose was better. Then we gave away what we didn’t want. Within 3 weeks I’d got shot of yet more clothes, shoes and general things that had it not been for this move I truly would’ve believed I needed. Luckily I’m a minimalist and hate clutter so wasn’t painful at all!

We haven’t travelled that far yet in all honesty. Let me think..we’ve spent a summer in Northern Spain (Galicia, stunning), 2 summers in the Balearics (some magical spots), 1 in Sardinia (damned windy but beautiful), 1 in Malta (a place we both love) and now the Ionian. Winters have been Portugal, Gibraltar and Sicily.

“A ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”


Agree? I don’t and here’s why. Living on a boat gives you absolute freedom of choice, no restrictions unless you’re hiding from horrid weather. Just a free pass to go and do whatever you wish. Currently in a marina and thoroughly enjoying it, that said we’re looking forward to anchoring hopefully somewhere quiet next. Best of both worlds!
Sometimes I get asked if I get bored and, oops, yes I do at times so it’s good to have interests and get out there meeting local people as well as other yacht folk. Nothing like diversity, no matter where we are I try to learn the niceties at least. I’ve spent this afternoon trying to learn the Greek alphabet, so far I’ve written my name..

This helped 🙂


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