Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies


Sat in the marina with a steady force 7 gusting 9, joyous! So it’s treat day accompanied by multiple cups of tea and a movie or two.

I had a bar of orange flavoured dark chocolate and some candied orange peel in the cupboard and this was the result. Oven temp. is 170 degrees. 

Cream together 100g of softened butter with 150g of light brown sugar. Beat in an egg and a tsp of good vanilla extract plus half a tsp of mixed spice.  Mix in 170g of plain flour, 100g of chopped chocolate and 50g of chopped peel until well combined.

Shape into balls (I made 14), squish slightly and bake for 15 mins. The cookies spread as they cook so leave space between them. I had to do mine in 2 batches.  Leave to cool slightly and they will crisp up.

Perhaps next time 100g of coffee flavoured dark chocolate and 50g of chopped walnuts? Ginger chocolate and lemon peel? 

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