Hooray the boat floats (but might have to come out next year again), the galley is open, finally off to anchor! 

Life on the hard has been, well, hard! Five days of work, heat and ridiculous humidity (26 degrees, 78% humidity at 7h).  Those of you who thought I was a tad smug about our new air con please feel free to giggle, air con is water cooled!

So no cooking at all, fortunately the local taverna was reasonable and served very good food plus the staff are so friendly and have gladly helped me learn a bit more Greek. Maria and Rula made us feel very welcome, thanks ladies.

 So what’s been done on Elle ‘Ar? Jet wash, sanding and anti fouling, she’s looking good.  Two new cutlass bearings, last ones lasted just 2 years.. Three through hulls, folding props removed and original props refitted.

 We thought that’d be it but oh no it isn’t. Before next cruising season, and believe me we don’t feel like this one has started yet, we may have to be lifted again (insert glum face). The Boss is going to confer with Ned over this, in Boss words “he has a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel”. I digress, if we do it’s the starboard engine either due to a bent shaft or a damaged coupling. Technically it’s .3 of a mm out.  Fingers crossed for alternative plan.

Last minute jobs here, clean decks and all those other little bits like filling tanks etc. I’ve got a new deck brush, the excitement never ends 🙂 What do you use to clean decks? I’ve given up with expensive boat shampoo and just use a cheaper one with a good amount of bicarb of soda in a bucket of hot water, hose decks down, through the soapy water on and leave for a few minutes before scrubbing. Easy peasy! Oh and fenders? Nothing removes the grime like Cif, water and a soft brush plus plenty of elbow grease.
Actually scratch that, launch has just been brought forward by two hours, eek! What fun, said no one ever.. It’s stressful even with knowing the people here are seriously competent. Bit more “smurf” needs doing once we’re in the slings, prop checks etc. Both engines need opening completely, air con needs “burping” and other bits checked to make sure we’re not leaking – joyous, just look at the state of it.

Cleopatra marina is very nice indeed, well stocked chandlery, small mini market and very clean showers etc. there’s a free water taxi over to Preveza. Provisioning in Preveza was excellent and I was delighted with the health food shop both for products and price, very happy.

So off to anchor we go, you have no idea how happy we are about that and even happier to be able to cook without melting! Not planning to go very far at all or do very much for a day or so, this has been exhausting. Swimming, SUP and exercise plus cooking is all I’ve got planned. Oh Shane if you read this, yes I’m getting through the Pilates coursework 🙂

On the menu are warm salads, tapioca bread (can’t wait) and recreating the delicious sausage and feta casserole we ate at the taverna a few days ago.  

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